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Cover page of the report
Cover page of the report

ELSA Norway for Children Legal Research Group is proud to publish our final report on the Norwegian legislation’s protection of children against sexual violence. Click here to obtain online access. The report can also be downloaded.


We have learnt a lot from this project and we will definitely continue our fight for children’s rights. Please make contact if you have any comments, questions or if you want to contribute to this important cause. 

We want to sincerely thank other irreplaceable contributors. Thea W. Totland and Morten W. Tvedt (National Advisors), Hanna Baldry, Nick Karasimasand and Ted Thurlings (text editing), Schjødt - Tone Solbakk and Svein-Helge Hanken (feedback and locations), Save the Children Norway - Sanne Hofman and Zoë Øiestad (guidance and feedback), Liv Andrea Mosdøl (illustration), Armin Khoshnewiszadeh (design) and Ismael Michel Rivas Emeci.


This website aims to share information about the work of 'ELSA for Children Legal Research Group' (EfC LRG), and in particular how the work in Norway is progressing. The legal researchers in Norway will, together with law students from all over Europe, investigate how legislation protects child victims from sexual violence in the national legal frameworks of Europe. 


ELSA for Children Legal Research Group is organized by The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) in cooperation with Council of Europe. The National Legal Researchers (NLRs) are all law students, and their results will be assured by legal professionals in each of the countries. The results will lead to comparable reports, which will be published in November 2012. Read more about this here.

We appreciate inputs from others working in this field.

You can contact us by sending an email here or to vpaa.oslo@elsa.no.

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